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Which Level of Swim Lessons is Right for You?

Caporella Aquatic Center offers a range of different types of swim lessons. From beginner classes for those just starting out in the water to advanced courses for competitive swimmers, each type of lesson has its own purpose and benefit.

Our Parent & Me swim lessons are designed for children ages 6 months to 3 years old. Young swimmers will be accompanied by a parent and introduced to basic water safety skills in order to one day feel comfortable in the water on their own.

Our Level 1 beginner classes for ages 4-12 are the way to go for those just learning how to swim. These classes teach the basics such as floating, breathing properly in the water, simple strokes, and getting accustomed to aquatic environments. As your skills improve, you may progress through levels that involve more complex movements such as strokes and dives.

In addition to beginner-level classes, Level 2 intermediate lessons for ages 4-12 are available that focus on refining stroke techniques and building endurance. This is ideal for those who have already learned to swim but want to take their skill level up a notch or two.

Finally, we offer Adult Level 1 swimming lessons for those 13+ looking to hop in the water. Students will learn how to swim comfortably and safely, receiving training on basic water skills and safety.

No matter what your reason for wanting to learn how to swim is — whether it’s for fitness goals or personal enjoyment — understanding the different types of swimming lessons we offer can help you find ones that best fit your needs and desires. Ready to register? Click here!



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